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Despite having modern equipment on the bridge, accidents still occur. Poor Bridge Teamwork has often been cited as the main reason for these mishaps.
Despite having advanced technology and modern equipment on the ship’s bridge, navigation related accidents and incidents continue to occur. Poor Bridge teamwork has often been cited as one of the main reasons for these mishaps. This has compelled the maritime industry to have a closer look at the navigation practices being followed at sea. New processes and procedures are being implemented by Ship Operators to make Bridge Team Management more effective.
IMTC has designed the Bridge Team Management course to address this objective. A state-of-the-art full mission Norcontrol ‘Polaris’ Ship Manoeuvring Simulator is used to bring various aspects of good Bridge teamwork to the forefront. The simulator exercises are designed to enhance teamwork and aspects of resource management like communication, challenge & response, situational awareness, leadership and decision making, including optimum use of all available bridge equipments, etc.
Oil majors and other industry stakeholders have realized the value of such training and Bridge Team Management Courses have become an industry requirement for all navigating officers.
Course Objective:
To enhance the Bridge Team Management skills of navigating officers by the use of a Ship Manoeuvring Simulator so that :
there is effective implementation of Bridge Procedures during navigational watchkeeping.
the Bridge team gets a better understanding of Bridge Resource Management principles.
the Bridge team can respond efficiently to changing circumstances and contingencies.
there is optimum use of all Bridge equipment under different situations.

Duration: 21 Hrs (7 Hrs x 3 days)
Suggested Target Group:
All Navigating Officers
Course Contents:
The course includes the topics given in the guidance regarding watchkeeping arrangements and principles as stated in STCW Code (2010) Section A-VIII/2, Parts 2, 3 & 4 and further emphasizes on :
 Elements of good teamwork, including the necessity of maintaining a countercheck on all decisions made by a Master, Pilot or OOW
Conducting a Bridge Team Meeting
Trends in passage planning
Following Bridge procedures and correct watch-keeping practices
Effective performance of the Bridge Team in difficult situations and in emergencies
Shallow water effects ; Interaction between ships
Case study discussions and experience-sharing